This is a personal website aiming to provide information related to internships and finding them in the UK.

My first aim with this website was to create an internship review site but due to time restrictions I realised that providing information for students helping them to find internships in the UK is far more valuable.

As a Dutch student I’ve had very bad experience with an internship company in UK. This company had cameras installed in every office, even the kitchen. The majority of workers were interns themselves and these interns were basically required to take out accommodation they provided via another company of the owner, or else they’d lose their placement. Needless to say, I had to leave. There were plenty negative reviews on the net, that related to my experience, about this company. From my personal experience it seems like they hunt down any bad review and threaten site-owners with legal threats.

Fortunately I had the privilege to find a wonderful PAID internship with a professional company based in Camden, London. This is a real company, one that doesn’t require the intern to take out accommodation with them. This is a company where I was the only intern. It is because of my experience with this company that I encourage every student to find an internship in the UK and learn from true professionals.

I sincerely hope that you are able to find your dream internship with the information on this site.

If you spot an error or wrong listing, contact me and I’ll fix it asap.

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