Are you looking for an internship in UK?

Are you a student from outside the UK who is looking for an internship inside the UK? I can imagine it’s not that easy if you don’t live there. That is why I decided to create this website.

It has information on everything related to internships in the UK. It will help you in finding that dream internship. I offer no guarantees on internships as this website is purely informative.

If you are an ambitious, motivated and reasonably good spoken in English student then you surely will succeed in finding a successful paid internship.

Along the way (in the future) I will add more sites, info and tips. I will also either make a clear distinction between paid and unpaid internships or only list paid internships in the future. This is to make your chance on finding a paid one even bigger.

Find below an overview of sites where you can find internships in the UK.

Internship search portals

The following is a list of websites where companies can post internship vacancies. As far as I know it is free to join and free to apply for internships.

Internship agencies

If you don’t have time to search then you can use internship agencies to find an internship. As far as I know these websites GUARANTEE to find you an internship that relates to your study for a fixed fee or for free.

Job sites

Other ways to find internships is to search job sites like these ones.

Job search engines

Another great way to find internships is to use the special job search engines.

Accommodation warning

Beware of internship companies that require you to take paid accommodation with them (either directly or via ‘another’ company). You should have the free choice of finding your own place to stay without affecting the chances of getting a placement with the company.